When You're Tired of People

People, People, People.  Some you can’t live with, and we definitely cannot live without them.  So when a conflict arises between individuals, there must be a diagram to resolve differences of opinions, ideologies, or just plain hurt feelings. 

Matthew 18:15 is the blueprint on how to internally free yourself and the other person who may have harmed you. Dr E Dewey Smith, Jr tells us what to do “When You Are Tired of People”. Instead of giving up, hating, throwing in the towel or become one not willing to forgive, take some time listening to the advice in this message.  You will find that God’s Way is the Best Way to handle People!

#GodsWay. #Forgive

"You can overcome ANY situation with God's help." ~ Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr.  


Type: Sermon

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