When You Just Don't Know Anymore

When You Just Don't Know Anymore

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 Can you harmonize crisis/crises and commitment in your life and remain faithful?
Is “your passion” causing storms in your life? In today's stirring sermon,
Dr. E. Dewey Smith teaches us that John the Baptist was the forerunner of Jesus;
his main purpose in life was to prepare the way for his cousin through his teachings.
While in jail, John lost his prenatal Holy Ghost fire and began questioning if Jesus is
really The One.

Dr. Smith provides the Five Reasons People Lose Hope in Commitment They Once Enjoyed. This is further outlined by the Three Reasons You Feel Uncertain In The
Midst of Crisis/Crises.

Purchase the CD and get excited about renewing your spiritual commitment in the
midst of crisis/crises. As you Faithfully pursue God’s prophecy for your life, know that
God’s Power and Christ’s Position is Unchanged.

#LiveBetter #HarmonizeCrisisAndCommitmen

Matthew 11:1-13