When The Sky & Earth Wear Out

In this message Dr. E. Dewey Smith puts the environmental changes causing the current hurricanes "Harvey" & "Irma," and the fires in the West in a biblical perspective based on God's word (Luke 21:33-36). Just as one must prepare for a hurricane, we must prepare for the return of God. There's an unpredictability in not knowing when a natural disaster will hit, similarly, we don't know when Jesus will return to claim his own. Therefore, we must for one, "Stay on guard" yet there are two (2) other things the Word says we must do  found in this passage of scripture.

Listen how Dr. Smith clearly explains those other steps in a clear and concise manner. This message will bless you and those you share it with, while helping the listener to weather life's storms!

#LiveBetter #StayOnGuard

Luke  21:33-36


Type: Sermon

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