“When People Think You’re Nothing”

What kind of character witness would God be to evaluate your moral and mental qualities? The extent of Abel’s faith is the first example of faith that the Hebrew writer finds where the believer loses his life. Moreover, he loses his life through faith that had Divine testimony born to it.

On this Father’s Day, Dr. E. Dewey Smith explains that God respected Abel's faith, sincerity, and his sacrifice. He disrespected Cain's infidelity, hypocrisy, and his offering. God makes it plain that He accepts the true obedience of man. Dr. Smith informs us that Abel was a model speaker because, by what he did, he spoke about Christ and His death. 

Every man that plays a part in the great drama of human life; at his death, leaves an influence and lasting impression!


Hebrews 11:4 


Type: Sermon

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