When It Seems Like God Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing". 

After following the Lord and abiding to His words and commands, you have come to a crossroad between reality and what the Lord is asking.  This happened to Phillip in St John 6:5 when Jesus said to him "Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?" Phillip replied it would take a half year's wages to buy bread for each person to get a bite. In other words, we don't have money to feed these people. Have you lost your mind? Jesus was only testing him.

Dr. E. Dewey Smith rationalizes the thought of why it seems like God doesn't know what He is doing.  Basically, God always knows, but He desires to stretch your imagination and needs you to participate in the blessing.  

Listening to this entire message, will entitle you to achieve goals beyond expectations because when you put it in God’s hand everything will work out perfectly.


John 6:5-6 (MSG)


Type: Sermon

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