When God Grabs You

As the Lord called Moses, Ezekiel and David, he grabs us when we least expect it to fulfill his plans.  Usually our first reaction is to deny that we can do the task that the Lord has proposed. Have you ever felt unequipped or unfit for an assignment?

Dr. E Dewey Smith  referenced three points, from Ezekiel 37:1, that will assist you on how to manage the process“When God Grabs You”.  After listening to this sermon you will be able to discover that your job will be easy, because God’s hand is on you and  he will not keep you in a bad situation.

"It doesn't matter whose mouth is against you when you know whose hand is upon you."~ Dr. E. Dewey Smith

#GodPeriod #LiveBetter

Scripture Reference:  Ezekiel 37:1


Type: Sermon

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