What The “S” Really Stands For

Who is your superhero? In Joshua 14, Caleb pictures the Christian who is willing to pay any price, fight any battles in order to win the victories that God has waiting for him.

On the 143rd Church Anniversary of The Greater Traveler's Rest Baptist Church, guest speaker, Pastor Bartholomew Orr explains the huge difference between a promise and a possession! God promised Israel the land, but they had to possess it before it became theirs. Pastor Orr uses the superhero Superman as a metaphor for today’s reality. God has victory for His children; that is His promise!  However, that promise must be actively pursued and possessed before it will ever become a reality in our lives. 

Therefore Christian who are "Christ-like need to have certain qualities in order to be "Super" like Christ.  Pastor Orr breaks down those qualities. When you complete hearing this message, you will know what kind of "S" is on your chest! 

#WhattheSReallyStandsFor. #LiveBetter

Joshua 14:6-14


Pastor Bartholomew Orr



Type: Sermon

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