We’re Not Gonna End Like This

Why sit here until we die?" This is the question that the four lepers asked themselves after failing to find an answer to confirm them in their sitting still. Therefore, they stood up and went forward. By taking a leap of faith, they received abundant relief and blessings.

In this encouraging sermon, Dr. E. Dewey Smith informs us the same principle will hold true in our lives. There are critical periods in our lives when our future hangs on our personal decision as to which course we should take due to Corvid 19. Various courses suggest live or die and we are often in doubt and perplexity which to adopt. Listen as Dr. Smith gives us three reasons why we are not going to be defeated!

Remember, to sit still and do nothing in these critical times are suicidal!


 #LiveBetter   # Focus2020

II Kings 7:1-10


Type: Sermon

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