Waging War – Kingdom Style

Daily the enemy is seeking to take possession of our mind – utilizing attacks by family, friends, and colleagues.  Each day we appear to be in a continuous battle with those around us.  We are fighting a battle to maintain order, control, and peace within our lives.  At times we fail to understand the root cause of these attacks when it is the enemy utilizing our minds as his playground.  In this empowering message, Dr. Khaalida Forbes teaches about one of our most powerful weapons – our minds.  Everything we do has a direct connection with our thoughts.  By taking possession of our minds, the enemy is able to control our actions and manipulate us into destroying ourselves.  Yet, when our mind is on God, we are able to demolish any stronghold and transform any situation. Remember, just because we are in the world, we do not fight as the world. 

2 Corinthians 10:3-5

Type: Sermon

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