Unto Us

In the beginning of all life names are given and precious attributes are bestowed for the purposes of supplying a greater need.  From the text, the child being born references the nature of Jesus’ humanity, while the son being given is a reference to His divinity.

In the sermon, Dr. Smith illustrates the power that in one life, all needs were met.  There is a relationship between being “born” and being “given” that exists when we consider the hope of our own yet to come experiences.  Your name, your family legacy, your business name, the name of an infirmity, or the name of what God has chosen for you to carry offers a distinct connection between its birth and its arrival to the world. Today we offer you the gift of an exalted Christ as you embrace the power in the name God has given you. Get your copy today.

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"For our flesh to be redeemed, The Word had to become flesh."- Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr.

Scripture Reference:  Isaiah 9:6


Type: Sermon

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