Training Camp (Pt. 1)

At the time of the text, Jesus had been silent for 18 years, and was going through the divine process of obtaining knowledge.   Once the divine training was over, Jesus went to John The Baptist to complete the process requesting to be baptized as a demonstration of salvation.  Pastor Smith teaches us to trust the process and not to curse the darkness. It is in the darkness that God is developing you and preparing you for game time.  Remember that God has a “then moment” on your life; a time when you will come into your purpose. Listening to this message will encourage and remind you another level is coming your way.  There is a higher degree of anointing on your life.

"You can't get in the game without going through training camp."

~ Dr. E. Dewey Snith

Scripture Reference:  Matthew 3:12-17


Type: Sermon

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