There Is A Winner In You

Are you rich in your bank account but bankrupt in your spirit? Are you following the Father, but feel like you're missing the mark? In this uplifting sermon, Pastor Jennifer Carner teaches us true faith can't exist where there's doubt. Though you may be in a dry season, don't give up on what God's spoken over your life.

Receive your reassignment and praise God through your problems, as you walk into your destiny with stable, intentional and continual Faith. Lift your voice and declare Triumph in advance, because "There Is A Winner In You!"!

#LiveBetter  #YearOfHarvest #You'reAWinner

Scripture: Acts 9:36-42

"God created all of us to win!  Winning is a part of your spiritual destiny."

~ Pastor Jennifer Carner

Acts 9:39-42


Type: Sermon

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