You Need Another Introduction

All of us desire connection on some level, right? Does that connection signify commitment? Does our connection to God intersect our faith to Him, or does it simply run parallel to it? Is religion alone enough to keep our commitment to Christ from becoming more than a casual encounter? Of course not!  Sometimes our commitment can become misconstrued simply by our acquaintanceship.

The tie that ultimately binds the two is trust. As we continue to discuss the topic of commitment, we’re forced to ask if we are Christ fans or followers?  The needle that determines our posture depends upon the sovereignty of God, our perception of the conditions, and our trust in Jesus Christ. Dr. Smith’s rousing sermon literally and figuratively reintroduces every believer to the story of Mary, Martha and Lazarus in a way that invites God to do the same in your life.   

Your second introduction to God is just one click away. This is one episode of hope you can’t afford to miss!

John 11:17-21

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Type: Sermon

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