The March For Our Lives

Have you ever told someone you’d stand by their side, be willing to go to battle with them or to die for them and with them? In this Palm Sunday sermon, Executive Pastor Jennifer Carner teaches us how/why Judas betrayed Jesus, which led to His arrest. She further explains the importance of the three stops Jesus made before His march to the Cross.

Before putting actions into play, think of the consequences. Listen/learn why Jesus’ march bears our Cross. He protects us in the right now, for what He wants to do in the not yet. We don't know why Jesus loves us. We don't know why He cares. We don't know why He sacrificed His life, but, we’re glad He did.

#LiveBetter  #ExpectingMiracles #TheMarchforOurLives
 Luke 22:49-51


Type: Sermon

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