The Danger of Moving Without The Holy Spirit

Are you lost without the guidance of God?  The disciples had a faith crisis. They were frustrated and refused to wait before the transition of leadership - the replacement of Judas. Even though Matthias is ultimately chosen by the apostles through the casting of lots, the Spirit elects Paul to carry the apostolic mantle left vacant by Judas.

On this Pentecost Sunday, Dr. E. Dewey Smith informs us that God will order our steps if we follow His will by His Word as we are led by His Spirit. Listen as Dr. Smith shares three consequences of moving without the Holy Spirit.

Big decisions or small decisions may not require a week of prayer and fasting; but the truth is if we saturate ourselves in God's Word and have a consistent and vibrant prayer relationship with God then we'll know what to do!


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Acts 1:21-26


Type: Sermon

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