Stolen Identity

Are you a victim of identity theft?  Have you forgotten you who you are in relation to God? In Luke 22, we learn some of the things that happened at the Last Supper. Jesus had to give a mild rebuke to His disciples for their concern with who would be the greatest among them.

In this conscious raising sermon, Dr. Smith explains, how inappropriate the worldly ambition of “being the greatest” is the opposer to “being connected to God”. Satan at times may try to “sift” our faith as followers of Jesus Christ, causing us to put the focus on who we are versus whose we are in relationship to Jesus.

As you listen you’ll ’discover, whenever God encourages our hearts with a promise, we must lay hold to our faith in that promise or lose sight of who we are.

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Luke 22:31

"Do not allow selfish aspirations steal your identity."-Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr.


Type: Sermon

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