So You Think You Can Play?

Are you ready for questions concerning your limitations?  Anna, the prophetess, married at age 14; widowed at 21; and then 84 years later approximately at age 105, meets Simeon, Mary, Joseph and Jesus in the Temple.  Despite her setbacks, she had a strong presence by remaining focused on “Team Jesus. 

In this invigorating Women’s Day message, Dr. E. Dewey Smith explains that in our  once a male-dominated world where women were expected to be silent and unobtrusive, but not anymore! We have connected our call to our commitment, and we are asking Jesus to show us who is really on our team!

As you listen to this message, Dr. Smith reveals five things we need to know in the playbook of life to be a successful team player. However, always remember you and God are the majority!

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Luke 2:36


Type: Sermon

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