Shouting In The Shade

Do you ever want to throw your hand up and give up, rather than throw them up in praise? How “real” is the shade in your life? In this uplifting sermon, Executive Pastor Jennifer Carner teaches us Leah's story, of how her “deceptive bridal veil” and rejection by her husband Jacob, earned her God’s ultimate favor. Pastor Carner’s eloquent narrative on the meanings of “shade,” shows that when we remove our many veils, our own true light will shine.

Listen to this sermon and learn from Leah how to “Grow and shout in your shade”. Find out how your fresh anointing by God is the “Impeccable Incubator for Spiritual Maturation.”

#LiveBetter  #Celebrate  #ShoutInYourShade  #GrowInTheShade

Genesis 29:35


Type: Sermon

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