Shouting in Your Shade


“Shade” is a modern colloquialism often used to show dislike or disdain to a  person or thing.  Maybe you have been wondering what to do when someone blocks your light. Executive Pastor Carner used the story of Leah, who conspired with her father to trick Jacob into marrying her, to  let you know that God will still give you something to celebrate

Once you own this sermon you will learn the deeper meaning of what is really happening when someone dislikes you in 3 easy steps. First God works when nobody's watching, and God hears you when others are hating. Most of all find out what happens when you remain faithful! This message will reassure you of a fresh anointing and you will realize that God is still worthy of praise even through your wounds.

#livebetter  #shoutinyourshade

Genesis 29:35


Type: Sermon

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