Racism, Riots and Redemption

There is a cliché that states that "there is nothing new under the sun.”  In the Bible, you can find almost anything that is prevalent in the current environment.  Just look and you will find it in the Word of God.

Dr. E. Dewey Smith illustrates this premise in today’s message entitled, “Racism, Riots and Redemption.”  The ills of our society such as: racial injustice, murder, rioting, crime, and prejudice did not begin in 2020. In Acts 7:54-58, you will find that the same behavior(s) happened only a few years after Jesus’ death.

Upon listening to this sermon, you will learn that racism is a characteristic that is taught. But like Saul, Jesus can change your name to Paul and open your eyes with a new attitude.

Acts 7: 54-58 (MSG) 


Type: Sermon

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