Preparing For What God Has For You

Have you spent time praying and asking God for a new blessing? Do you feel as if you’re being stretched, and can’t seem to comprehend why? Well, your new wine is soon coming and God will surely put you back together. In this message, Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr. explains to you why you’re going through the process that you are. He mentions that God can’t fill the holes in your heart and prepare you for new blessings without first stretching you a little bit to see if you can handle them. Dr. Smith also instructs you to not allow your past to obstruct your present or your future. To learn about the process of receiving new blessings and how to not let your then be the enemy of your now, watch this powerful message by Dr. Smith and get prepared for what God has you you !

Luke 5:37-9

Type: Sermon

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