Praise & Worship: Jesus Fix My Life


TODAY always means something different to everyone, no matter what the calendar reads.  For some, today means victory; while for others, it can mean struggle, defeat, or sorrow.

Today’s Black History Month Service was led by our very own Youth Ministry. From start to finish extraordinary celebrations were poured out in great measure to salute our living legends and unsung heroes.

Collectively, we lifted our voices with praise, worship and personal adulation. In our plea for Jesus to fix the broken areas of our lives, this service reveals that God’s agenda always spells out His L-O-V-E in real and unimaginable ways. Grab or gift your copy of Hope today.

#LifeWithGod #LiveBetter   #Harvest2018 #JesusFixMyLife

 John 4:3-40


Type: Sermon

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