A Celebration of Freedom: Mi Cinco de Mayo

Dr. E. Dewey Smith Jr, in his unique way, uses the Mexican holiday Cinco De Mayo  to deliver a divine message.  Cinco de Mayo, celebrates Mexico's victory over the French army which came to enslave Mexico. The Mexico army was small in comparison to the mighty French Army, which on the outside made this look like an easy conquest for the French. 

Similarly, at times we are small compared to the obstacles we face, some which can become all consuming. In this message Dr. Smith explains how you can have your own  Cinco de Mayo (Mi Cinco de Mayo) thanks to Jesus Christ. He came to fight the battles of our sins and provide a different kind of freedom. The beauty of this message is not only what Jesus did but how he does it! This one will have you proclaiming "Mi Cinco of De Mayo" every day of the year!

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Scripture Reference:  2 Corinthians 3:7, 3:15 & 3:17 (Key Verse)


Type: Sermon

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