Looking For Angles & Surviving By Wits

Have you ever wanted to approach a situation from just the right angle - but are unclear on what that looks like?  Do you lack the wits to survive where you are, or what you’re facing? In this eye opening sermon, Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr. shares with us how executing sensible management and exploring the ways we can make it is key. He advises us that knowing when to speak vs when to sponge (listen), and properly assessing ourselves (strengths and weaknesses) followed by developing a plan as to where we want to be is essential. 

Remember - it’s ok to make adjustments for they are often the key to victories!  As you listen to this insightful message, you will learn the 3 key tools to improve your everyday life

#LiveBetter  #Godsight

 Luke 16:1-13


Type: Sermon

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