Looking For Angles & Surviving By Wits

Your future is based upon today’s decisions. Therefore,  the way you approach an issue or problem could result in a positive or an either negative impact on your life.  

Dr E Dewey Smith teaches from the St Luke 16:1-13. This sermon, which is the second of the Farsightedness sequel, centers around the conversation of an owner and his terminated manager.  Even though fired, the manager saw the situation as a means of survival. After a reassessment “he went at it” and hustled his way to being rehired by the owner.

Once you own this sermon, you will learn the A.N.G.L.E.S. that will help you execute with clear motivation your journey to success.


 #donotloseyourhustle #GodSight  #lookingforangles

 Luke 16:1-16



Type: Sermon

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