Lessons from a Loving Father

Many of us experience difficulties raising our children and must give them room to make mistakes and grow.  In this message of “The Prodigal Son” with a twist, Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr. teaches us about the “Lessons from a Loving Father” whose youngest son went away and squandered his inheritance living a prodigal (lavish) life.  In this parable, Jesus tells us that this father is resourceful, compassionate and forgiving toward his son.  As we celebrate Father's Day, this message teaches us that the prodigal one in the text is actually the father, who is generous in bestowing extravagant, out-of-order blessings on his children.  Like the father in the text,  we are fortunate that no matter how many mistakes we make in life, God is waiting for us with open arms to come home.  With God’s prodigal love, be confident that you can #LiveBetter in every way, every day.

Luke 15:11-20

Type: Sermon

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