Jesus Fix My Job

We all have a divine appointment that God wants us to operate in. Even when we are doing what God has called us to do, we will often face challenges. In Dr. E. Dewey Smith’s sermon, Jesus Fix My Job, we learn about David’s divine assignment and the many difficulties he experienced. Like many of us, David was overqualified for his job but, he did it with excellence. He worked diligently and over time, was elevated to a higher position. David worked in a toxic environment and encountered hatred and jealousy along the way.  

As you dodge the spears of negativity on your job, stay positive and committed to your divine assignment. Keep the peace and allow God to fight your battles. Purchase your copy of Jesus Fix My Job to arm yourself with the tools you need to stay committed to your calling even when others are working against you.

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1 Samuel 16:1-33; 18:1-30



Type: Sermon

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