Is God Worth It?

God called you to be his vessel to carry out his plans. Yet, oft times you feel discouraged, left alone, and abandoned by the one who named you to perform a specific task. Do you believe that  following God is a “lost cause”?

You are not alone.  Dr. E Dewey Smith teaches how the prophet Jeremiah experienced the same circumstances and began to write how God treated him in Lamentations 3:16.  Jeremiah blamed God for the evil in the world and the root for trouble in his life.

You must play this cd when you feel like throwing in the towel, backsliding or giving up. . Your faith and hope will be rekindled and you will be on fire for the Lord,  once again.

#LiveBetter #GodPeriod #IsGodALostCause

Dr. E. Dewey Smith

Lamentations 3:16


Type: Sermon

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