Inside Out: Mind Over Matter

The mind is a very powerful tool, it is the control center of the body.  Everything we do and feel is triggered by our thoughts.  “Mind Over Matter” is Dr. E. Dewey Smith’s third sermon in his series “Inside Out”, applying Biblical principles to strengthen our mental and physical being.  

In his letters to the Church of Philippi, Paul instructs us how to focus our thoughts to obtain God’s peace. He teaches us to be anxious about nothing, pray about everything, be thankful, and to think of things that are true. We learn that toxic thoughts can stagnate our relationships and keep us separated from God.  

Adopt Dr. Smith’s 16 essential tips for improving mental health. Learn how to win the battle over your mind and to keep stinking thinking out of your head. Decide today that you will overcome negativity and give God the glory despite your circumstances.  Expect that God is able to the unimaginable.  It’s all  “Mind Over Matter” - order your copy now.  

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Philippians 4:4-8


Type: Sermon

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