I'm Standing My Ground

Do you ever ask God: "Why, How, and What" during the difficult times in your life?  Job had everything taken from him −his family, finances, and health. Job's complaint was not that he was suffering, nor that God would allow such a thing; but that God was absent and silent during the process.

In this emotional message, Dr. E. Dewey Smith explains what to do when you cannot find God nor feel His presence. You may even feel that God is not fair.  Dr. Smith informs us sometimes we think or perhaps we have been told that it is inappropriate to express our true feelings to God. However, we are not rejecting God if we express our anger, fears, or hurts, to God - we are actually acknowledging him and by doing so we honor God.

The key is to have a relationship with God, not merely during plenty, but in the desert of nothingness – that is true faithfulness! 

#LiveBetter #Standing My Ground

Job 23:1-12


Type: Sermon

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