I Am Souled Out Even Through Suffering

Life is full of so called “ups and downs,” but have you ever considered them to be the harvest from the seeds you’ve sown? Some say “You reap what you sow” others call it “cause and effect.” The big question is, what about when you’ve been good, did everything right and still experience suffering during your life?

In this message from 1 Peter, Dr.Smith explains the difference between suffering and harvesting. You will learn how suffering can be the results of deeds but it also can be for sanctification. The distinction between the two will give you a whole new perspective, on the way life unfolds and how to get through tough times. This is a message you’ll want to listen to over and over, as you suggest it to everyone you love!

#LiveBetter #HarvestAndSuffering

1 Peter 4:12


Type: Sermon

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