I’m Weak But I’m Winning

Have the peaks and valleys in your life caused you to take a detour from your ultimate destination? With a passion for the presence of God burning in his heart and the clarity of his objective in mind, the author of Psalm 84 describes his pilgrimage to the place of God's presence.

In this rejuvenating message, Pastor James Marable informs us that the Christian life is an ongoing pilgrimage or journey, of which "peaks and valleys” are a part. He explains the effects of peaks in our lives.  However, he gives us the necessary tools to use to win while weeping.  Pastor Marable reminds us not to gauge our value on the detours of life.

Life is full of tears. Life begins with crying (a baby is born crying). Life ends with crying as we mourn for those who die. Remember weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning!

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Psalm 84:5-8

Pastor James Marable



Type: Sermon

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