How To Deal With Bebe's Kids

What would you do if you knew something was trying to destroy your child’s future? Wouldn’t you do everything to stop whatever aimed to block their destiny? The evils that face our children today are not the same as they were 50 years ago. The evils then were obvious. Today’s, devices are so subtle and sophisticated, you probably didn’t even notice.

In today’s sermon, “How to Deal With Bebe’s Kids”, Youth Pastor, Bobby Hampton, urgently conveys the tools needed to abort the adversary’s plan. He passionately pleas with parents to see the value in reeling in a deaf and mute generation as described in the bookof Mark. As we focus on our communications with God, we must speak life to our children and allow God to pierce our hearing with truth. The most effective ways to do this are outlined in this sermon topic. Get your copy today because our posture towards Heaven now will likely influence the direction of our children’s eternal connections later.


 Mark 9:17 (Msg)

Type: Sermon

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