Hope Sermon Club- Semi Annual Membership

Hope Sermon Club- Semi Annual Membership

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Why should you join the Sermon Club? Get 2 Months Free! SAVINGS plain and simple! Now you can get every sermon by Dr. E. Dewey Smith and the ministry of the House of Hope Atlanta every Sunday, sent to you once a month and save tons of money!

Semi-Annual Members Saves 15%:

  • 52 CDs- $442.00 (2 payments of $221)   
  • 52 DVDS- $663.00 (2 payments of $331.50) 
  • Automatic Silver Status in our Loyalty Program receiving an automatic 10% discount on all other non-musical merchandise (i.e., books, T-shirts mugs)
  • Discounted First Class Shipping
  • No Handling Fees
  • Billed Every 6 Months


AUTOMATIC RENEWAL All memberships are automatic renewals. Members must submit written request to cancel membership. Cancellation requests  will take effect the 1st day of the month following the request. Membership requires a major credit card.

USE OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY All sales are for private use only. Any resale or duplication is prohibited and punishable by law.  

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