Hope In The Midst of Hopelessness

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the challenges you face? Nahum means “comforter.” The book of Nahum is a sequel to the book of Jonah. Approximately 100 years earlier, God had sent his reluctant prophet Jonah to pronounce judgement to the people of Nineveh. In Nahum 1 is the second prophecy concerning judgement against the city of Nineveh.

In this challenging message, Bishop C. E. Glover, reminds us about the goodness of God. He informs us of some bipolar experiences in the Bible concerning: Job, Martha Habakkuk and Jesus. Bishop Glover encourages us to speak the Word over every circumstance in our lives because God is good!

Our God is good! Do you know what’s great about Him? He doesn’t stop being God just because we stop being good. Hallelujah!

#GodPeriod #LiveBetter

Nahum 1:7


Bishop C.E. Glover

Scripture Reference:  Nahum 1:7

Type: Sermon

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