God Grabbed Me

The word Ezekiel means "God will strengthen". This book was written to encourage the Israelites in their most difficult hour. But it is also designed to encourage you, no matter how dead or lifeless your present situation appears to be, there is still hope.

In this motivational message, Dr. E. Dewey Smith explains that 2020 has grabbed your attention through economics, educational system, political process, and health care.  It may seem as though you’re in a valley right now and everything is dead, dislocated, messed up, dried up, and scattered; but God is ready to breathe new life into your situation.

It’s God’s job to get you through this Corvid 19 pandemic; so, ask the Father whatever you will and expect your fruit to grow and remain. Regardless of what happens, you must believe in a comeback. One of the pillars of our faith is resurrection and resurrection is a comeback story! 

Ezekiel  37:1-14 (MSG) 


Type: Sermon

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