Go Tell It On The Mountain

Are you a shepherd, proclaiming the "Good news"?  Luke gives us his account of Jesus' birth which is the only inspired account recorded in the gospels. In this Christmas sermon, Dr. E Dewey Smith, Jr. describes the angelic visitation to the shepherds in his unique and creative contemporay style. The visitation was not only for the shepherds to witness the birth of Jesus and to worship, but also that they could tell others. 

Dr. Smith explains how you don't have to be perfect or of a certain status, God can speak to the shepherd in each of us. When you listen to this message you'll see that you too will receive a revelation of God's glory.  You must share with others the four greatest Biblical events: Jesus' birth, Jesus' death, Jesus' resurrection and yet to come, his return. Go tell it!

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Luke 2:9-18


Type: Sermon

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