Getting Free of God

 Why are you bringing the noise?  Psalm 2 concerns the reign of the king that depicts rebellion and hatred against God's anointed, the Lord Jesus Christ.

In this celebratory message, Dr E. Dewey Smith explains how God had to be rejected, respected and reflected in order to prepare a table in the presence of His enemies. God has a calm assurance in the face of man’s rebellion. The Divine laugh is not to be considered as a response to the amusements of today, but His courage and His strength in comparison to the hopelessness of His enemies.

For us to appropriate God's promises to us, we are to believe, and we will receive whatever we ask for in prayer! Therefore, our enemies must watch, as we enjoy the favor of the Lord and they can’t do anything about it.

Supersize your request…why not?


"God will always be God! Whether you love Him or not, He will always love you." ~ Dr. E. Dewey Smith

#GodPeriod. #LiveBetter

Scripture Reference:  Psalms, 2nd Number


Type: Sermon

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