Get My Color Right

How can we be colorblinded? Noah had been sealed into one of the eternal covenants of God; although Noah was drunk and uncovered physically, he was nevertheless covered with the righteousness of God.

This Black History Month message by Dr. E. Dewey Smith, provides a biblical look at African heritage.  Noah’s youngest was named Ham, an Egyptian word meaning "black”. The sons of Ham are stated  to have been "Cush and Mizraim and Phut and Canaan”.

Listen as Dr. Smith explains the curse pronounced by Noah against Ham; the origin of the curse and the oppressive nature of the curse. In the process destroys the long held misrepresentation that black people were cursed by God. If you want to feed both your soul and mind this is the sermon for you! Warning you must be willing to handle the truth!

#LiveBetter #ColorBlind #GetMyColorRight 

Genesis 9:18-25 


Type: Sermon

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