Foundation For Fathers

 Fathers, are your children missing your parental guidance because you are more focused on your livelihood? In this rousing Father’s Day sermon, Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr., teaches us that children need much more than you providing a paycheck; that’s a your responsibility, not an “action of love”.  You should be “intentional” about the time spent with your children. What you put in them now can impact future generations, either positively or negatively.

Purchase this  CD, today and learn how in 1 Samuel 2:11-12, Eli the High Priest, raised Samuel to love and grow before the Lord, while his own sons hated the Lord and were called “Sons of Belial, (the devil)”.  Are you spending more time helping others at the sacrifice of your own? Remember the saying, “Charity begins at home and then spreads abroad”.

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1 Samuel 2:11-12



Type: Sermon

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