Five Down And One To Go

Has it become far too normal for us to lose perspective, momentum, and yes, HOPE, even one week after Resurrection Sunday? Why are we looking down, when our lives are pointing up? Is it possible that the thrill of our salvation has been reduced to just one of those historic moments, that we’ve started to believe there’s nothing more?

Instead of toiling over the happenings of our past, we have the opportunity to realize our Savior is consistently working through our soul’s salvation in our present and for our future! Regardless of whether we are facing a change, a crisis or a crossroad, in the kingdom, there is always Hope. In this week’s timely post-Resurrection sermon, Pastor Nate Stewart delivered five pivotal points plus one more that we’re sure to cherish into eternity!  #livebetter  #5Down1toGo

Psalm 53:1-3


Type: Sermon

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