Finish What You Started

"Finish What You Started” is a paradoxical message for those who are returning to school. It may also be applied to our daily lives. The basis of the message by Dr. E. Dewey Smith comes from St John 6:64-66. After performing miracles and feeding the multitude, Christ had many disciples. In the end, many left and decided to drop out. Dr. Smith parallels the scripture with our current situation by offering five elements to help you complete what you started.

By adding this sermon to your collection, you will challenge yourself, stretch yourself, and will not settle for mediocrity. When it seems that everyone around you has quit, remember that you must finish and refuse to drop out.

#StopBeingAverage #ChallengeYourself #FinishWhatYouStarted #ElevateYourMind #StretchYourself #RefuseToDropOut
John 6:64


Type: Sermon

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