Defeating Domestic Violence: The Sickness of Stone Throwing

Are you quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry when you are making major decisions in your life?

On this "Domestic Violence" Sunday, Dr. E. Dewey Smith refers to the woman “caught in the act” and brought to Jesus for His concurrence with their intent to kill her.  However,  Love (God is love) interrupted their plan and Grace abounded to the extent that they hung their heads departing in shame from the presence of His holiness with her being freed by Forgiveness. Dr. Smith explains that the wages of sin is death; however, God is a God of second chances. We should not judge others by what they do; but judge ourselves by our intentions.  

Remember, when you have run out of chances with people, you still have a chance with God. It means that you are guilty but forgiven. 


John 8: 2-11 (KJV)


Type: Sermon

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