Revival With A Rooster

Are you sure you won’t deny God when your deliverance is slow and bad news is fast? Will you feel like praising his name when your name is on a pink slip? Peter thought he was stronger spiritually than he was. He forgot that before his name was changed to Petro/Peter, he was Simeon; quick to act and slow to think. This pandemic we are living through can be our Rooster Revival to remind us that, although we are strong in our faith, things can happen that make us involuntarily revert to who we used to be.

Dr. E. Dewey Smith,Jr. shares a powerful message of self-reflection. A one-night revival maybe just what we need to shake us up and wake us up! Peter heard a rooster; is Corvid-19 our 21st century alarm?  When America gets off her knees, she will remember “I Am that I Am and I Am is all she needs!

Mark 14:12:27-31, 68,71

 #LiveBetter. #Pandemic #GodSight2002


Type: Sermon

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