Committed Even In The Shifts

Will you be committed in the shifts God has for you, as the coordinates of your life change? Can you endure the season of attack before being led to your elevated assignment? In this “trifecta” sermon, Dr. E. Dewey Smith draws comparison to the Atlanta Falcons firing their Defensive Coordinator who helped them get to the Super Bowl last season and how we can unknowingly become comfortable with present levels of success. He also parallels, the NFL owners treatment of players as “property for profit,” referencing the book "Forty Million Dollar Slaves" in light of Colin Kaepernick’s inability to still not secure a job because he continues to raise his voice against injustice.

Dr. Smith teaches us that if we are not careful, we can hold on to people, patterns and perspectives in our present successes which can potentially block future successes. We can’t see the next level when we are comfortable with what we have now. 

God shifts us from schemes that enslave us, which prevent us from reaching our higher destiny. Although, you may become uncomfortable being shifted from Glory to Glory, boldly embrace the season of attack. Don't get it? You will after listening to this dynamic message!

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Acts 8:4-8


Type: Sermon

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