Church 141st Anniversary

How can two men live similar lives, end up on opposite sides of Jesus, yet have two different outcomes at death? How does our lives compare to the two thieves that were on the cross at Calvary during Jesus’ crucifixion, in equal proximity to the Son of God?

The thief on the right died a blasphemer, in grief, mocking and rejecting Jesus. The thief of the left died a benefactor, in grace, receiving mercy and redemption from Jesus. We, like these men, are living lives one heartbeat away from death. Which thief will your final outcome be like? Will you commit your life to sin or to the Son?  

Listen to Guest Pastor Ray’s rousing Church Anniversary sermon, learning to live for Jesus and receive His protection, power and peace. We are all in proper proximity to be covered by His prayers, when we accept His presence in our lives. It’s never too late to choose Jesus.

#ChooseJesus #GraceMercyRedemption

141st Church Anniversary 

Luke 23:33


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