Can We Talk?

Can we talk about how we as humans communicate with each other? Do the words coming out of your mouth represent Christ? Do your thoughts and your words bring peace or war to your home? The way we interact with family, friends and even strangers can greatly affect our day. In this sermon Dr. E. Dewey Smith teaches us the five foundations for effective human or horizontal communications among them, 1) we should listen, then speak and 2) never bring anger or evil emotions into the conversation but insert humility and soft words.

God’s righteousness doesn’t grow from anger. Find out if your words are the “cause” or the “effect” in your conversations. There is power in the words you speak, so let them be righteous and of God. Purchase your CD today, it will help you change the quality of your conversations, improve your relationships and your life!

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James 1:19


Type: Sermon

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