Because You Didn't Quit


 Quitting is sometimes an easy option when you're experiencing excessive pressure. Some people who don’t believe in you will cause you to lose faith and give up. Also, some environmental conditions will make you abandon your goals.

Pastor Moses Herring of Faith Movers Church stimulates our minds to inform us on those things, such as information and interruptions, that will make us quit. His scriptural reference is from Mark 5:21-24. A  leader needed Jesus, but it seemed like every obstacle imaginable prevented him from getting what he desired.

Once you listen to this message you will activate the supernatural within you and will say to yourself, “Because I didn’t quit”.

#GodIsReal  #BecauseIDidntQuit  #ActivateTheSupernaturalWithin

"Dr. Smith, thank you for never giving up!"~ Pastor Moses Herring, Sr.

Scripture Reference:  Mark 5:21-24, :35, :36 (Key Verse)


Type: Sermon

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