Be Careful What You Call Me

Does your labor pains make you speak self-defeat in your hour of weakness? Is your pain causing you to misname your miracle? Guest Speaker Dr. Wesley Knight teaches us that when competing and comparing yourself to others, you can’t focus on your own blessings. He further explains that miracles are sometimes packaged in pain. We mustn't get hung up on the packaging, but we must open the package to discover our blessings.

Listen to this sermon and learn to use pain as a tool to work on your Spiritual Transformation. Don’t be stuck with the name your situation gave you. God will call you what you are not now, to be destined what He wants you to be, just as He did Jacob. He’ll manifest in time what’s already done in eternity.

#LiveBetter #BeCarefulWhatYouCallMe   #TheYearOfHarvest

Genesis 35:16-18


Type: Sermon

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