A Twisted Purpose

How many times have you confused your purpose? Jesus came to save all of humanity, but during His encounter with a Canaanite woman who seeks His blessing, He initially disregards her because she is not Jewish and did not represent His perceived purpose at the time.  It was in this instance that Jesus seemed to have gotten His purpose twisted!  It is refreshing to know that He who was without sin, at times, had to wrestle with His own purpose!  Think about it, have you ever overlooked someone who did not look like you?  Could it be that they did not share the same values or lifestyle?  Perhaps you go to church dressed in your Sunday best and look down on someone because they wear jeans, a t-shirt, or a skirt that is a tad too short?  In this thought-provoking sermon, Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr. causes us to take a look in the mirror.  As you listen to the message, you will see that Jesus was able to refocus His purpose. The good news is, with God, you have the same opportunity to get your purpose straight and #LiveBetter! 

Matthew 15:21

Type: Sermon

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